PharmaLeaf has set up the Zun foundation with the aim of creating awareness amongst women that their individual health is the health of the family.

Zun in Persian means "woman" and Zun Foundation is a registered trust focusing on the welfare of women, and through them, their families and society in general.

Based in Bangalore, India, the Zun Foundation is managed by a cross-denominational board of trustees from all walks of life, with supporters and well-wishers from around the world.


Zun Foundation is committed to becoming a significant provider of opportunities to women in the 3 areas of focus prioritized as Education, Health, & Family Welfare.

The main objectives of Zun Foundation are as follows:

Committed to Support Education

The focus is on aiding individuals pursuing professional courses rather than sponsoring students at grass root levels where most of the aid is provided. The candidates are given aid on merit only and there is a minimum grade of achievement to qualify for the aid.

Making Health & Science Accessible

Most illnesses in women can be avoided if adequate awareness and access to health care services is provided. Zun Foundation aims to help in this area: by encouraging routine health checks to improve the quality of life in women of all ages. Emphasis is on awareness and diagnosis of hereditary diseases in women and children, anaemia and blood grouping in women and well-woman check in elderly women.

Promotes Family Welfare

The focus of Zun Foundation is to help in overall family welfare. The Zun foundation provides loans to deserving families to start their own businesses.