About Us

Shenaz Khaleeli and Zaki Khaleeli founded PharmaLeaf in 2007, with the belief that regulatory strategy and compliant processes shall become the cornerstones in the product life cycle of drug discovery to market access. PharmaLeaf was one of the first Indian companies to be set up as a global regulatory solutions provider.


Pharmaleaf's vision is to become the leading provider of International Regulatory, Quality Assurance & Technical support in terms of strategy, dossier management, filing and compliance throughout the lifecycle of the product. We aim to offer exceptional client service, quality and speedy reviews, while continuing to meet or exceed all Industry and regulatory quality standards.


Our mission is to "advance global access" by building a team of regulatory professionals who can help clients achieve high quality, cost-effective healthcare for all.

PharmaLeaf: The Name


"Leaf" stands for "pharma regulatory data", commonly used in regulatory parlance (ICH : International Council for Harmonisation) for an electronic document, now a mandatory requirement by international agencies.

The "leaf & its green color" denotes "life, health, growth & prosperity" for mankind.

The "veins of the Leaf" symbolize the role of "regulatory affairs" as a "lifeline of the organization" supporting research and development activities and all functions throughout the life cycle of a drug.