• ZUN in Persian means "woman" and Zun Foundation is a registered trust focusing on  the welfare of women, and through them, their families and society in general.
  • Based in Bangalore, India, Zun Foundation is managed by a cross-denominational board of trustees from all walks of life, with supporters and well-wishers from around the world.


The aim in this focus area is to create awareness amongst the female population that their individual health is the health of the family. Towards achieving this, routine health checks are encouraged to improve the quality of life in women of all ages. Emphasis is on awareness and diagnosis of hereditary diseases in women and children, anemia and blood grouping in women and well-woman check in elderly women. Medical aid is provided by following due diligence and approval from the Expert Panel.
Zun Foundation
2nd Floor, Daarul Awkaf,
6 Cunningham Road,
Bangalore 560 052
Karnataka - India.
Tel : +91 (80) 435 88999 Ext. 921
Email : info@zunfoundation.org
Web : www.zunfoundation.org