PharmaLeaf Corporate identity The warli story

The Warli mural depicts Pharmaleaf’s corporate identity and narrates the story of outsourcing and globalization. The synergy between scientists’ worldwide sharing traditional knowledge of the east with the modernization processes of the west, to join hands together and sing and dance to the song of life, celebrating good health for the world community.

The Warli dancers are shown planting the seed of life, which is nurtured together to become a tree with branches spread worldwide and new leaves sprouting innovation in research to bring the joy of good health to mankind.

"Warli is a folk art form endemic to the Indian states of Karnataka and Maharashtra practiced by women folk using spiral form and concentric circular designs depicting harmony and balance in the universe."

PharmaLeaf: The Name "Leaf" stands for "pharma regulatory data", now commonly used in regulatory parlance as an electronic document, now a mandatory requirement by international agencies.

The "leaf & its green color" denotes "life, health, growth & prosperity" for mankind.

"PharmaLeaf" is "advancing global access" as a high speed expressway, bridging India to International markets, towards providing better Regulatory solutions for the healthcare industry.

The "veins of the Leaf" symbolize the role of "regulatory affairs" as a "lifeline of the organization" supporting research and development activities and all functions through out the life cycle of a drug.

PharmaLeaf’s Regulatory professionals, with congregated expertise and experience, are valuable members of the drug development team, bridging the technical and business development capabilities, thus showing "the green light" to facilitate quality & speedy approvals throughout the life cycle of the drug.