• Celebrating 14 years of excellence
    Advancing Global Access
    Qualified as regulatory services provider by MNCs/Big pharma, we have
    facilitated approvals across the world - from India to USA. Our specialty is in
    difficult to access territories and to transcend geographical boundaries.
  • The Warli Story      
    The Warli mural painted at our corporate office depicts Pharmaleaf's
    corporate identity and narrates the story of outsourcing and
  • Excellence Through Partnering

    We align ourselves to clients requirements to offer customized
    solutions, working seamlessly and transparently with a qualified
    network of domain affiliates for assured developmental and
    commercial success. Our quality standards are client determined,
    meeting industry and regulatory norms.


"PharmaLeaf" is a global biopharmaceutical regulatory, GxP compliance and technical consulting provider.

We offer the full range of pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs consulting services including quality assurance and end to end project lifecycle management to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Healthcare Industries.

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